Is Your Startup Making This Email Marketing Mistake?

You and your team have done everything right. You ran a massive pre-launch campaign and got thousands of beta sign ups. The product is finally ready to invite them all to try it out and give you feedback. The team makes sure the launch email is perfect and finally you hit the button, inviting everyone to try out your new product, but conversions are low.

The email hits everyones inbox and the conversions are okay but nowhere near what you were hoping. It turns you’ve made this huge email marketing mistake.

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How to find Business Problems

How to find Business Problems. Be Unique: Be uniquely valuable as an individual. Collision Factor: Sit in a space and observe user behavior. User surveys are weak. Nothing beats raw immersion in the space. Whiteboard room ideas probably don’t have teeth unless they’re accompanied  with raw data about customers. You should be scraping data, trolling people online to find the true nature of their opinions on all […]

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10 Critical Steps To Launching A Mobile App

219,000 mobile apps launch every year, less than 1% of them will be giant.

Household names like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and more take years of work. Successfully launching a great mobile app is hard. At GrowAmp we’ve seen thousands of apps come through and in our past helped apps get hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Here’s 10 steps to launching a mobile app that will help you get there!

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